David Blaine with helium balloons above the Arizona desert


The latest feat by illusionist David Blaine can be followed live on YouTube. In it, the American escapist will float 7,620 meters high using only helium balloons as part of the act called ‘Ascension’.

“Since I was a child, flying has been my dream,” explains Blaine in the trailer for Ascension that this September 2, 2020 is streaming on YouTube. Blaine floats on the Hudson River supported only by helium balloons.

It was previously reported that the illusionist would be carried by 42 two-meter balloons and 10 smaller balloons that measure between 1.2 and 1.8 meters each. This was decided on the basis of Blaine’s weight of 198 pounds (89 kilograms).

For the making of ‘Ascension’, Blaine underwent rigorous training in both skydiving and breathing in low oxygen conditions. In case of need, the illusionist has a parachute.

In addition, a team monitors his vital signs and a helicopter is nearby in case his body temperature drops to levels considered dangerous.

Blaine is known for various feats. In April 1999 he was buried alive and spent seven days in a glass coffin, while in 2008 he hung upside down for 44 hours over Central Park.

In 2019, the NYPD announced that they were investigating the illusionist for allegations of sexual abuse.


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