Dave Portnoy Says He Has Done With Cryptocurrencies


Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, claimed to own “zero bitcoin” just a week after entering the cryptocurrency market. Portnoy’s cryptocurrency journey did not take long.

The outspoken internet celebrity announced that she now has “zero bitcoin” just a week after hosting the Winklevoss twins:

“I don’t have any Bitcoin right now. I will wait and watch. ”

Portnoy’s Investments Did Not Work Well

Portnoy met with the Winklevoss twins on August 13 to understand what Bitcoin is and eventually invest in cryptocurrencies. He listened to Elon Musk how bitcoin is superior to gold because of his ambitious asteroid mining.

After Gemini invested $ 250,000 in the stock exchange, he invested $ 200,000 in BTC and $ 50,000 in Chainlink (LINK). The twins also promised Portnoy to help launch “Dave Coin”. Portnoy then began angering Bitcoin maximalists by entering the altcoin Orchid (OXT) and announcing it to 1.7 million Twitter followers.

None of Portnoy’s altcoin investments did well, but lost $ 25,000 in just one week. Portnoy said:

“I lost 25 thousand. Just like with the stock market, it took time to understand this. I know that. LINK Marines are weak and orchid flowers die in the crypto world. I may or may not be finished. ”

Portnoy Effect

This comeback has inevitably become a hot topic in the crypto community, with many mocking Portnoy. “Some people can’t handle the surge,” commented Hunter Horsley, Bitwise Asset Management CEO.

The crypto money market has also listened to Portnoy’s departure. LINK increased its current decline by 5.05 percent to $ 12.89 on the Binance exchange. Even Bitcoin continued its decline after rising to $ 11,772 and dropped 1.09 percent.

Who is Dave Portnoy?

David Scott Portnoy (born March 22, 1977) is an American internet celebrity, blogger and founder of the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports. Portnoy recently met with the Winklevoss twins and decided to invest in cryptocurrencies. This move of Portnoy also aroused excitement in the cryptocurrency community. Because the entry of famous people into this world plays an important role in the adoption of crypto currencies.


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