Dave Bautista Had a WWE Surprise For Ryan Johnson, and The Reaction of The Glass Onion Director Was +


Actor Dave Bautista is one of the greatest success stories of what happens when a wrestler moves into the world of acting. His latest role is the new film “The Glass Onion: The Secret of Extracting Knives”, and he causes a lot of laughter, once again proving that he is a fantastic actor.

So it is quite appropriate that through a behind-the-scenes clip on the set of the sequel “Get Knives” Bautista awarded his director Ryan Johnson a surprise WWE, which caused an A+ reaction. Posted by Dave Bautista via his TikTok profile, a clip from the production of the sequel “Get Knives” is something that wrestling fans will be delighted with.

Bursting into the room to the tune of Saliva’s “I Walk Alone”, Bautista’s inner showman came out with a real WWE title belt. By giving this item to Johnson, the whole event led to a beautiful speech. In addition to the heartfelt message, there is also a bit of masculinity in this congratulatory video, which you can see below:


Thank you to the cast, crew and to everyone that watches #GlassOnion @KnivesOut @netflix …never forget how it started @WWE BBatistaTTheAnimalPProudRootsWWE

♬ original sound – Dave Bautista

Emphasizing the audacious swagger of his persona in the ring, right down to the use of his own musical theme, Dave Bautista’s bravado was reciprocated as soon as Ryan Johnson received this belt. Pretending to challenge his “Glass Bow” actor to any macho machinations is almost the only way a person can naturally react to receiving such a gift.

It’s also fitting that, in his own way, Johnson gave the former wrestler his own treasure, as this latest project is another in a string of adventures that helped the WWE veteran hone his acting skills. The actor’s gratitude for this experience really manifested itself in the next part of the video.

Bautista switched gears to address the director and crew, humbly thanking them for their efforts in making the film. These thanks, as well as the belt given to Ryan Johnson, became even more appropriate after the stunning debut of Glass Onion on Netflix made the film one of the most successful in 2022. If only a streaming studio would hand out victory belts on such an occasion.

While there is certainly an A+ rule against the return of previous suspects in “Get the Knives Out,” this beautiful moment from the set is enough to hope that Ryan Johnson can make a small exception for the former WWE star. At the very least, these two employees should return to the ring again for a future project, even if it is outside the jurisdiction of Benoit Blanc. This is fair, because if Johnson is a real athlete, he will give Bautista a chance to challenge him for the return of this belt.

While we’re waiting for the next project from the list of upcoming Dave Bautista movies and shows, returning to his latest role is as easy as subscribing to Netflix. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will excite viewers thanks to this very platform, so it is highly recommended that you get into action as soon as possible. Unless, of course, you don’t mind spoilers because of the recurring memories that are about to happen.


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