Dauntless will be playable at the launch of PS5


Dauntless, the free monster hunting game from Phoenix Labs will be playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S as soon as each console is released. The developer also plans to include cross-platform gameplay, which allows console players of different generations to defeat monsters together.

The launch of the game on the new consoles coincides with the upcoming arrival of a large update package in December, which will bring significant changes to the game, improving hunts and making them more lasting. Jesse Houston, CEO and co-founder of the studio commented that the Reforged patch will “change the way [players] hunt in the Broken Isles”.

The novelties in the progression and hunting system will be important for the arrival of the new generation, with the idea of ​​uniting players from two generations in an improved gameplay for 6 platforms. Other new features from Dauntless Reforged include:

  • New Hunting Type: Hunting Field;
  • 17 Reworked Islands for Hunting Fields;
  • 1 Brand New Island for Hunting Fields;
  • Gliders;
  • Island Events;
  • Slayer Path Progress System;
  • XP Level and Prestige Reformulation;
  • Equipment Level Reformulation.

So, what did you think? Will you enjoy the game in the new generation? Tell us in the comments section!

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