Date of The Simpsons Season 31: Disney Premieres +


A new month officially begins, November begins, the penultimate of an ‘annus horibilis’ that we want to happen now. Disney + is the last of the VOD services that we needed to review. And along with The Mandalorian season 2, which will broadcast a new chapter every week, November brings us a list of interesting things.

Things like season 31 of the mythical The Simpsons, an icon of authentic popular culture that has been broadcast for 3 uninterrupted decades and that since last year is officially a Disney product.

But there is more, as Disney + seems to have looked at Netflix and also releases pre-Christmas content this month, ahead of December. We are going to review the list of new series, films and documentaries to see in November 2020:


6 november
More Muppets than ever

The new series of the iconic Muppets once again boasts a story that is basically a meta-story, breaking that 4th Wall that the Muppets have always loved to break: the plot starts with Scooter, who must meet a deadline and upload your new series to Disney +, although other muppets want to prevent it. Disney laughing at Disney is always a treat.

Once upon a time

Drawing from Disney’s greatest legacy, its classic tales and its own mythology, Once Upon a Time presents a world in which tales are mixed with the real world. And this week it comes to Disney + with its 7 complete seasons

November 18
The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse

The quintessential symbol of Walt Disney and the greatest icon in the history of animation, Mickey Mouse premieres a series with 10 animated shorts that will precede another installment also with 10 shorts that will be released for the summer of 2021 on the platform.

November 20
Agents of SHIELD

The official series of the Marvel film universe opens its season 7 with a story arc that takes Agent Coulson and his team to the New York of no less than 1931.

November 27
The Simpson

Season 31 of The Simpsons premieres exclusively in Spain on Disney +, and in its 22 episodes we will have an arsenal of guest and guest cameos in its original version, including Billy Porter, Jason Momoa, Kevin Smith, Joey King, Cate Blanchett , Chrissy Teigen and Jim Parsons, as well as having musical performances by John Legend and Weezer.


Adapting the 2003 comic of the same name, Runaways comes to Disney + telling the story of 6 teenagers who discover that their parents have been lying to them their entire lives, without telling them that they are actually supervillains.

Once upon a time in wonderland

At the end of the month the spin off that Once upon a time had is released. A one-season series that delves into the imaginary of Lewis Carroll and tells the story of Alice, who enters Wonderland along with the Page of Hearts and the White Rabbit.


6 november
Ice age 5

8 Basque surnames

November 27
Black beauty

A contemporary version of the classic 19th century novel by Anna Sewell adapted many times during the 20th century, it tells the immortal story of a mare who was born free, but is captured and taken away from her family. Jo Green, a 17-year-old girl who has lost her parents, meets her and the two create a very special bond, in a novel that teaches respect for animals.


Christmas stories cannot be absent at this time. And Anna Kendrick, who has already been in Disney productions such as Into the Woods, becomes the daughter of Kris Kringle, or rather: the daughter of Santa Claus, who will have to rescue her brother Nick, who has fled before the pressure to be the new Santa Claus.


17 November
LEGO Star Wars Happy Holidays Special

Special that brings together Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewie, Rose and the droids to celebrate the Day of Life, and where the protagonists will meet different characters from the saga.

November 20
The true chosen for glory

Based on the book by Tom Wolfe and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Warner Bros, National Geographic’s Chosen for Glory narrates in its 8 episodes the North American space program that culminated with the arrival of man on the Moon, converted into what we could call as first reality show in the USA starring the astronauts of the Mercury program and the mythical ‘Mercury 7, the first astronauts.


There is no doubt that the Marvel film universe has changed the landscape of making commercial films in Hollywood in addition to positioning Disney as the biggest entertainment giant. This series of documentaries chronicles the historical, cultural and social impact of the Marvel Comics Universe, including all the films that the Marvel Comics universe has created and has composed and will continue to compose.


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