Date of Event Samsung Will Introduce Galaxy Z Fold2


Samsung officially announced the date to introduce the new foldable phone, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, in its share today. The company will include both the phone and other devices in the event to be held on September 1.

South Korea-based technology giant Samsung introduced its new flagship smartphone series Galaxy Note20 about 3 weeks ago. The series, which started to find buyers with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra models, was exposed to the reaction of the users as it will come back to our country with the Exynos processor.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 was not the only device Samsung showed at the UNPACKED event. The company showed off the new smart watch Watch 3 and a few more devices at the event. In addition to these devices, Samsung’s new foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold2 was also unveiled, but Samsung announced that it would share all the details of the device at a different event.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 launch date:

The date of that event, known as the second part of the UNPACKED event, was officially announced by Samsung today. The event, where the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 will appear in all its glory, will take place on September 1, according to Samsung’s statement. The sharing of Samsung was as follows:

If you want to watch the event where Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and other Samsung devices will be introduced live, you can visit Samsung’s own website on September 1 and watch the event. The event will start on Tuesday, September 1 at 17:00 BST. We will also stream the devices introduced at the event and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 live to you.

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So what will Galaxy Z Fold2, which will be the star of the event, offer users? Although Samsung has not shared the details of the device so far, it will allegedly come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor. The phone, which is expected to go on sale with a high-end package, will probably be cheaper than the previous foldable phone. Don’t forget to follow us for details to be shared on Tuesday.


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