Date for iPad Pro models with mini-LED displays!


The expected announcement for iPad Pro models with mini-LED screens has not yet come. Apple’s silence on this issue makes many people impatient. There is no information about the future of these tablets, which has been spoken for 1 year.

ET News, a South Korean news outlet, provided information on when the new Apple-signed iPad Pro devices will be released. This information is currently just a claim. It has been said that the mini-LED displays will also be used in iMac and MacBook models.

When will iPad Pro models with mini-LED displays be released?

Apple plans to purchase the mini-LED screens from LG, according to the person named “L0vetodream” known for leaked news and Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his analysis, will first try these screens on the iPad Pro model with a screen size of 12.9 inches. If this trial is successful, other iPad models will also be equipped with this screen.

Mini-LED screens, as is known, have higher brightness than OLED screens and consume less power. Its risk of burning is also less than OLED displays. “L0vetodream” said that iPad Pro (12.9 inch) products with Mini-LED display will use a processor named A14X and 5G technology.

Mini-LED ekranlı iPad Pro modelleri

ET News claimed that these models will be available in the first quarter of 2021 (January, February or March). Mini-LED screens have many features of OLED screens and make use of the backlight system used in LCD screens.

Which screen model do you think is the best? We are waiting your comments.

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