The date becomes clear for Ethereum’s expected staking program


Ethereum (ETH), which has been performing well in terms of price since the beginning of the year, is getting closer to staking. Speaking yesterday at an online conference, Ethereum developer Ben Edgington said he is 80-90 percent sure that Beacon will go live in the third quarter, which will enable users to earn revenue by stake their coins.

Speaking at the Ethereal Virtual Summit conference yesterday, according to Ethereum developer Ben Edgington, the highly anticipated proof-of-stake leg of the Ethereum 2.0 network update could come as early as July 2020.

Edgington stated that he is 80-90 percent confident that Beacon will go live in the third quarter, where users can secure the network by earning money in return by stake their coins in Ethereum 2.0.

66 percent of Ethereum investors are warm towards staking
In a new report published by Ethereum-focused Blockchain technology company ConsenSys, two-thirds of Ethereum investors want to stake their coins when ETH 2.0 is released.

The research mentioned in the report was carried out with 287 participants. It was determined that only 2.8 percent of these participants did not intend to stake their ETH. They said that the main reason for this was that they had a small amount of ETH. A 14.6 percent segment was also on the undecided side, and they exhibited a “wait and see” approach. The remaining 16.7 percent only gave a partial response.

Bitcoin has outperformed its performance
The second largest cryptocurrency with its market value, Ether (ETH) is having a good year. Cryptocurrency has increased by 62 percent since the beginning of 2020. ETH is trading at $ 211 in the minutes when the news goes live.


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