Date and price for the Coronavirus vaccine!


AstraZeneca’s CEO Pascal Soriot, shown at the forefront in Corona virus vaccine studies, announced the start date of mass vaccination and the vaccine price.

Date and price for the Corona virus vaccine!

Vaccination studies continue for the corona virus, which affects the whole world and still has no definitive treatment. While it is almost everyone’s eyes and ears are in vaccine studies, there are good news from the vaccine studies developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca, which were shown before in these studies.

AstraZeneca’s boss, Pascal Soriot, told Bloomberg that the vaccine could be ready for widespread administration at the end of the year. Stating that the clinical trials slowed down with the decrease in infection rates in the summer months, Soriot stated that they had the opportunity to access the data they needed with the increase of the cases.

Stating that it is not yet clear whether the vaccine has worked or not, Soriot announced that large-scale vaccination will be in December, January 2021 or earlier. If the vaccine is approved, the price range for a dose vaccine for corona virus is expected to be between $ 4-5.

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