Data segmentation in Excel: how to use filtering function


The data segmentation feature in Excel makes it easier to filter rows and columns in tables, but it is not always known to users. The tool works integrated with a dynamic spreadsheet and can be useful for those who need to deal with large amounts of data. It is possible to display only selected columns and all rows are ordered in ascending or alphabetical numerical order. When you click on an item, the corresponding values ​​in the other columns are displayed instantly.

In the following tutorial, check out how to use data segmentation in Excel spreadsheets. The procedure was carried out in the latest version of Office 2016, but the tips also apply to users of previous editions of the Microsoft program.

Step 1. Click on any data in the dynamic spreadsheet. Then, access the “Insert” tab and click on “Data segmentation”;

Step 2. Choose the columns you want to use and click “OK”;

Step 3. The selected data will be displayed on the screen. If you want, click on the columns and drag to the desired position;

Step 4. Now, click on a value in any of the columns to quickly see the equivalent data in the others;

Step 5. Use the “Ctrl” key to select more than one item at a time;

Step 6. To clear the selection, click on the indicated button in the upper right corner of the data segmentation window.

Take advantage of tips on how to use data segmentation in Excel to quickly find values ​​in large spreadsheets.


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