Data leakage may have new suspect


The new data leak detected last Wednesday (10) already has a suspect. Cybersecurity experts and Federal Police experts told Bastidor that the data illegally disclosed probably belonged to the largest data broker company in Brazil.

In summary, data broker are entities that collect, refine and gather consumer data on the internet to sell the information to other private organizations. Using advanced big data technologies, they can process hundreds of petabytes per day.

According to experts, the leaked data could only belong to this company – whose name should be kept confidential – since Serasa or the major telephone companies do not have as much information about people and organizations. However, the authorities said to the portal that there is still no evidence associating the leaked files with the data broker entity.


The National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) said on Thursday (11) that it will seek measures to reduce the damage caused by the leak and that it will investigate the case. The entity is responsible for overseeing the rules provided for in the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), ensuring the protection of personal information and trade secrets in the country.

In a note, the ANPD reported that it is taking all appropriate measures. “The authority officiated other bodies, such as the Federal Police, the company that reported the fact and the companies involved, to investigate and assist in investigating and adopting measures to contain and mitigate risks related to the personal data of those potentially affected. ANPD will act diligently in relation to possible violations of Law 13.709 / 2018 (General Law for the Protection of Personal Data – LGPD), and will promote, with the other competent bodies, the accountability and punishment of those involved “.


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