Darksiders 3 will be released on Switch on September 30th


Darksiders 3 will be released on September 30th on Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made officially by producer THQ Nordic and developer Gunfire Games, who will bring the game to Nintendo’s handheld for the standard price of $39.99.

The game was originally released on November 27, 2018, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. So, to make it more attractive, its Switch release already includes the two extra content that arrived post-release to Darksiders 3: Keepers of the Void and The Crucible.


Keepers of the Void is an extra adventure for Fury, bringing new environments, enemies and weapons, plus a little more plot to the campaign, in an original story. The Crucible is yet another extra survival and endurance mode, for the most avid gamers to gather a few more hours of gameplay and collect more gear.

Meanwhile, those who own an Xbox and subscribe to Live Gold won’t need to pay anything else to play Darksiders 3. The game is among the free games in August for subscribers of the paid Xbox Live plan, and can be activated until the 31st of August. Along with it, subscribers can also activate Rock of Ages 3 and Lost Planet 3, but these two only last until the 15th.

In our review here on Voxel, Darksiders 3 was considered a dignified way to pass the time, though it wasn’t a must-see or anything like that.


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