Dark Web? Here Is The Dark Side Of The Internet


Dark Web and Deep Web are one of the most popular topics on the internet. So much so that even people who use the internet just to browse social media have heard of these concepts. However, few people know about these frequently confused topics. In this article, our aim is to separate these concepts and explain the Dark Web for you.

The Deep Web, which is likened to the calf in the examples given, is simply everything that is on the internet but is not indexed by search engines. The files here are only accessible to certain individuals and cannot be accessed from outside. For example, a photo that we upload to the cloud or e-mails that we can access from anywhere is a part of the Deep Web.

Again, to use the iceberg analogy, the Dark Web is the hardest part of the underwater iceberg to reach. We have investigated this part for you, which can only be accessed by private means and is often used for illegal business activities. What is the Dark Web? Here is the dark side of the internet.

What is the Dark Web?

Dark Web is a network of hidden websites that can only be accessed by special browsers such as Tor. This network, which has purposes such as free sharing of information and avoiding censorship, is also used for many illegal activities.

Dark Web sites that do not appear in traditional search engines such as Chrome and Firefox can only be accessed through private means. The secret network where you can buy illicit products and services includes many criminal elements, from the drug trade to the hit man.

The most common way to access the Dark Web is through a browser named Tor. Tor, which stands for The Onion Routing, was developed by the United States Navy in the 1990s. The scanner, whose original purpose is to communicate with agents in various countries, provides the most secure access by passing data in encrypted form through random means known as nodes.

In this way, users connect to the Dark Web without having to worry about monitoring their activities or revealing their browser history. Originally available only to US agents, Tor has become popular over time.

Is it safe to enter the Dark Web?

The clearest answer to this question is “NO”. The Dark Web is absolutely unsafe for people who do not know what they are doing and just want to experience the network of which they hear the name. A variety of threats such as malware such as ransomware and keyloggers, identity theft and fraud await users browsing here.

The Dark Web, which is often entered to get an illegal service, is often used for fraud. There is no guarantee that any service you pay for will take place on this illegal network that pays with Bitcoin. At the same time, you may be caught trying to carry out illegal activities in these environments that are secretly controlled by the governments.

Users who want to enter the Dark Web, which we recommend to stay away from, should be as careful as possible. So what do you think about the dark side of the internet, Dark Web? Do not forget to share your comments with us.


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