Dark Web: Card Data Of 227 Thousand Brazilians Is For Sale


Dark Web: An investigation by NordVPN, a provider of Virtual Private Network services, found that credit and debit card data from 227,000 Brazilians is for sale on the dark web, for about $6.54. There are 4 million credit cards available from over 140 different countries.

Of the total, half belong to users in the United States and Australia, with 1.5 million cards and 400 thousand from each country, respectively. Mastercard appears as the most affected card brand, followed by Visa, with 80 thousand, and Elo, with more than 6 thousand. Of Brazilians, the division is more than 212 thousand credit cards and 11 thousand debit cards, according to the publication.

Information from the investigation demonstrates that the information was stolen from a database and obtained by “brute force” — a practice where a computer tests thousands of combinations of numbers until it gets it right. NordVPN, however, said in its report that smart hackers can reduce the amount of numbers to guess, and can carry out an attack in just 6 seconds.

Russian group leaks 72,000 Brazilian credit cards

According to Daniel Barbosa, Security Researcher at Eset Brasil, the exposure of personal data through a database is frequent. Thus, it is essential to adopt protection strategies, such as avoiding registering on untrustworthy sites and leaving only temporary credit cards on shopping sites, for example.

Another way to prevent yourself is to follow the card statement and create alerts when making purchases and payments with it. In the event of a suspicious transaction, immediately notify the bank of possible fraud. It is also the responsibility of banks to invest in security infrastructure, preventing attacks.