Dark Souls on PC Shuts Down PvP Servers to Fix Dangerous Flaw


Dark Souls: The concept of “cracking” someone’s game is at the heart of the PvP experience in Dark Souls. But it seems that some malicious gamers discovered a vulnerability that allowed them to take this invasion beyond their limits, not being restricted to games and hacking and directly controlling the player’s PC.

Not to mention the security flaw, the game’s developers announced that the PvP servers for the three Dark Souls currently available on PC have been temporarily disabled. They say it’s to “allow the team to investigate recent reports of an issue with the servers online”.

But not mentioning the issue openly isn’t what disappointed gamers in discovering this vulnerability. Criticism is coming more for the fact that this security flaw would have been reported directly on the game’s Steam forums and was completely ignored. According to Eurogamer, it was necessary to replicate the problem on a Twitch broadcast to get the attention of From Software and Bandai Namco.

As this is a PC issue, console servers will not be affected, so PlayStation and Xbox folks can continue using Dark Souls PvP features as normal.

Unfortunately, the tweet doesn’t say how long this “investigation” of PC games will take. The most important thing is that the flaw is properly corrected, as it represents a risk for the player that does not only involve the game.