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Dark Souls Nightfall 18-minute gameplay released


Dark Souls is about to win a new mod developed by the community. Called Nightfall, the mode brings a new story, a new combat system, a new world, new items and more. Below, you can see the 18-minute trailer showing the gameplay of the new adventure.

It is worth checking out the gameplay, which brings new voices, scenarios and even big bosses. In addition, a night and day system is being developed to keep up with this change.

Grimrukh is the modder responsible for bringing Dark Souls: Nightfall to life. The developer tells on his Patreon page that his name is actually Scott and that he is an Australian scientist who lives in New York. He is also the creator of two other mods famous by the game community, Daughters of Ash and Roguelike Souls. He was also responsible for creating a mod tool for Dark Souls called Soulstruct.

Still on the developer of these mods, the author says that he has a PhD in psychology of perception and is working on the creation of a game of the subgenre Metroidvania, which he should share soon, shortly after completing Nightfall.

It is worth remembering that Nightfall is not done or has any support relationship with Bandai Namco or FromSoftware. Those interested in the project can support through the Grimrukh page on Patreon.



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