Dark Souls 3 Gets a Bloodborne Overhaul With a New Mod


The Soulsborne franchise has had an active modder community since the days of the original Dark Souls. Some of these mods help make complex FromSoftware role-playing games a little easier, like many mods that gave Elden Ring an easy mode. In addition to mods for the simple mode, of course, there are analogues that complicate the game. In addition to small modifications of Soulsborne games, there are creations created by fans that completely recycle the FromSoftware game and make the basic elements almost unrecognizable.

Dark Souls 3 recently received a mod called The Convergence, which was such a deep and extensive piece of fan content that players said that the mod in some way turned the game into Dark Souls 4, becoming a natural continuation of its predecessor. . Now one modder has heavily redesigned Dark Souls 3 again, but instead of expanding the original game, Bradysheaslays has given it a new look similar to one of FromSoftware’s most popular games, Bloodborne.

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Some fans consider Bloodborne to be the best game released by FromSoftware, and its Old Hunters DLC is touted as one of the most challenging materials in the Soulsborne franchise. Now the Fear the Old Blood mod for Dark Souls 3 aims to make the game feel and play like Bloodborne, essentially giving fans a secondary experience in the last game. Everything from lighting to textures, outfits and music has been changed to change the atmosphere of Dark Souls 3.

Even some gameplay elements from Dark Souls 3 have been changed to better match the way Bloodborne is played. Players can now make jerks in Dark Souls 3, which they could not do before, and can also shoot bubbles with blood at enemies to attack them from a distance. Dark Souls 3 Fear the Old Blood is already available for download from Nexus Mods, and while some players may find it similar to another Bloodborne mod for the game called Ashen Blood, they will find that the latest mod also contains enemies from the Victorian era. A game that Dark Souls 3 players may encounter. Unfortunately, there are no enemies from Bloodborne in Fear the Old Blood, but perhaps they will appear in a future update.

In addition to modifications, Bloodborne fans remade the game in other ways. Recently, a fan created a full version of Bloodborne for PS1 with nostalgic graphics, gameplay and much more. The demo turned out to be incredibly popular: in the first 24 hours after launch, it was downloaded more than 100,000 times. After the success of the Bloodborne demo, some Soulsborne fans hope that other games in the franchise will receive a remake designed for older consoles.

Dark Souls 3 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Be afraid of old blood is available on PC.