Dark Sky Android application unplugged


Dark Sky was the last expected for the Android app. The Android and Wear OS versions of the popular weather platform Apple bought was unplugged, as Apple previously explained.

Apple bought Dark Sky last March. Although it was announced that the Android and Wear OS versions will be closed as of July 1 in the first place, the company later decided to extend this period for another month.

Apple has unsubscribed Android users who paid $ 3 a year as a subscription fee to Dark Sky. The developers of the application have previously announced that users will be refunded for canceled subscription fees.

It will be possible to access Dark Sky’s website for a while. However, uncertainty about the length of this period continues. There is time until the end of 2021 to switch to another service in front of third-party apps that use Dark Sky’s data. It is no longer possible to place the information in Dark Sky on another site.

Android users have many options to use instead of Dark Sky. Accuweather is one of the prominent options in this group.


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