Dark Mode Tests for Facebook, Android App


Facebook has finally started testing dark mode for its Android app. Some users who are members of the beta program can use the application in dark mode.

Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, has undergone a significant design change in recent months and has moved away from the iconic blue-and-white design by releasing dark mode for its website. However, those who used Facebook from the Android application continued to use the white application that shines like the moon.

Jane Manchun Wong, who reveals features that many social media applications have not yet published with reverse engineering studies, announced that Facebook will finally release dark mode to its mobile application, and Facebook started to test the dark mode publicly.

According to the shared dark mode promotional video, Facebook will offer users a dark mode with a dark gray background instead of a ‘real’ dark mode that offers a completely black background. Therefore, using Facebook in dark mode on smartphones with OLED screens will not save any power.

Although Facebook is testing the dark mode in the public beta application, dark mode has not reached all beta users. If you are a member of Facebook’s Android Beta program, when you open the Settings and Privacy sub-menu, you may encounter a dark mode option as in the screenshot above. However, let’s underline that this option is not available to all beta users at this time.

Dark mode promotional video for Facebook Android app

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