Dark Mode Support Arrived on Facebook Lite Application


Lite application developed by Facebook to enable its users to save data has gained dark mode support. Dark mode is currently available for a limited number of users.

One of the most popular trends in smartphones is the dark mode. The apps and even the operating system itself turn into completely dark themed colors instead of any color, the most dominant of these colors, of course, is black.

Although Android, iOS and many applications have dark mode today, Facebook, which has the most contrasting color theme in dark mode, has not yet brought this feature to its application. The company has, of course, previously shown that it is working on this feature that its users are eagerly waiting for.

Dark mode is coming to Facebook Lite:
Last November, Facebook shared a thing or two about dark mode support in its main app. However, even though a long time has passed since this announcement, there is no dark mode yet. At least that’s the case for Facebook’s main app.

Because Facebook has begun to bring dark mode support to the Facebook Lite application developed separately for low data usage. Many Facebook Lite users were very happy to see the dark mode in their apps and shared their joy with other users.

When Facebook’s dark mode option was noticed by many users, some Facebook employees also confirmed that this support was available in the Lite application. To turn on the dark mode in Facebook Lite, all you have to do is press the three line icons that open the options menu in the application and turn on the “Dark mode” option.

If you don’t see any signs of dark fashion in your app, don’t worry. The dark mode that will come to Facebook Lite will be distributed to other users in the coming days. On the other hand, it is still unofficial when the Facebook main app will get dark.

We have shared in the past weeks that an application of Facebook has become darker. That application was the desktop version of Facebook Messenger.


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