Dark Mode Released for WhatsApp (iOS, Android)


WhatsApp, today’s most popular messaging app, has finally got the dark mode feature that users have been waiting for. IOS 13 and Android 10 users who update the application can use WhatsApp in dark mode by turning on the dark mode option throughout the system.

WhatsApp, the messaging app on Facebook, got dark in the test version for the Android operating system last month. Thus, in the popular application that introduced dark mode for the first time, users could activate dark mode via APK file due to the fullness of official test lists. Finally the expected day has come and WhatsApp dark mode support has been released for both Android and iOS devices.

Activating this feature, which is offered free of charge for all iPhone and Android users, is quite simple. At this point, after downloading the new update to your iOS 13 or Android 10, all you have to do is turn on the dark mode option throughout the system. After this process, the dark mode will be running on WhatsApp. However, Android 9 users can also activate the dark mode through WhatsApp’s in-app settings.

WhatsApp: ‘We focused on two important points when designing dark mode’
Dark mode, published for WhatsApp, is designed to reduce eye strain in low-light environments, according to company-made statements. Stating that they are focusing on two important points while designing the dark mode, the company states that the readability and information hierarchy are very important at this point.

Readability: “We wanted to minimize eye strain when choosing colors and use colors closer to system defaults on iPhone and Android respectively.”

Information Hierarchy: “We wanted to help users easily focus their attention on the screen. We did this by using color and other design elements to make the most important information stand out.”

Users who want to browse the dark mode feature of WhatsApp can start testing the new feature by following the steps mentioned above after updating the application from the app store. So how do you think WhatsApp’s new dark mode is? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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