Dark Mode Released for Google’s Beta Application


Google’s mobile app had dark mode support on Pixel phones that have been running Android 10 for some time. Making a new statement, Google announced that the application’s dark mode support is expanding. According to the statement, other phone owners can also use the dark mode of the Google app under the beta version.

The smartphone industry is developing more and more, and these developments bring with it some innovations. For example, as smartphones with LCD screen panels gradually left their places on LED screens, the smartphone industry began to care about the dark mode. Because this mode significantly reduces the battery consumption of phones.

Consumers have been asking for dark mode support in all apps over the past few years. Because of this feature, phone owners with LED display can use their devices longer. Another advantage of dark mode is eye health. Consumers can spend time with their phones, especially in dark environments, without straining their eyes.

The developers have been working for a long time to be able to add dark mode to their mobile applications that they offer to users. Many mobile apps that are released nowadays now come with dark mode. Some apps, however, unfortunately do not have dark mode support. Moreover, applications such as WhatsApp and Google are the most popular applications without dark mode support.

The US-based technology giant Google has an application called “Google”, which is offered to smartphone users. Consumers have been asking for the dark mode to come to this application for a long time. The developer team has presented the dark mode of the application in question to Pixel devices running only Android 10. However, the dark mode of the Google app is now available to other phones as a beta version.

According to the statements made by Google, the dark mode of the mobile application was added to the beta program of the Google Play Store as of February 12. So if you are a user of Google’s beta program, you can start experiencing the dark mode of the Google app.

If your phone’s operating system is Android 10, go to “Settings” after opening the application. You can see that the dark mode can be selected when you touch the “Theme” section under the “General” category. If your Android version is older, you need to tap the “System Default” option after entering the Theme section. So you can actively use the dark mode of the Google app.


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