Dark Mode Coming to Desktop Version of Google Searches

Google has begun testing the dark mode feature for the Searches service. This feature makes the search page of Google and the page where the results are listed, darkened. It is currently unknown when the tested feature will be available to all users.

US-based technology giant Google has started testing the dark theme feature for its search engine. The test, conducted on Windows and macOS users, blackens both the main search page and pages of search results if you try to search with Google. The search engine turns dark gray instead of a pitch-black hue.


Users can view the new feature that Google has started testing through different browsers. So whether you are using Egde or Google Chrome, it seems that you will be able to use the search page in dark mode. Users who experience the feature say that they are offered different options. This means that users who frequently change the system theme can also change Google Searches automatically.


Google notifies users who want to test new feature

As we have just mentioned, Google Searches’ dark mode is currently in the testing phase. So this feature cannot be experienced by all users for the time being. In addition, when we look at the feedback from users; We see that users who rejected Google’s notification never received this notification again. So if you see the above notice, think carefully before rejecting the offer.


In fact, internet browsers offer dark mode thanks to various add-ons. Google, on the other hand, will offer a search engine-specific service with the feature it adds to Searches. However, when this feature will be available, it is currently unknown.



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