Dark Mode Coming to Google Search Page in Chrome’s Mobile Version


Starting to use the dark mode in an ever more general framework, Google now brings dark mode to the Google Search page in the mobile version of Chrome. The dark mode in question is currently being tested on Chrome Canary.

Google continues to work to spread the dark mode applications and web pages that it provides system-wide on Android 10. Dark mode, which comes to many Google applications, is now coming to Google Search pages in Chrome’s mobile application.

The new screenshots that appear show that Google has tested dark mode on Google Search pages in Chrome Canary, which is used on mobile devices. Dark mode, which works with the ‘flags’ feature in Chrome, currently only works on Chrome Canary’s Android app.

To activate the dark mode in Chrome Canary, originally published for developers, you need to access the flags features by typing ‘chrome: // flags’ in the browser bar, as seen in the image above. When you enable the ‘Show darkened search pages on Android’ option under Flags features, you can use Google Search in dark mode.

The dark mode in Chrome Canary is still unstable. The first noticeable problem in dark mode Google Search is the colors of the avatar of the Google account reversed. Other symbols remain in the colors they should be.



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