Dark Horse presents LEONIDE THE VAMPYR from the legendary creator of “Hellboy” Mike Mignola


The latest project of the famous creator of “Hellboy” Mike Mignola together with Dark Horse Leonid The Vampyr: Miracle at the Crow’s Head will be released in early October, just in time for Halloween. The legendary creator of “Hellboy” will be joined by rising star Rachel Aranyo, the first of the planned collaborations, in a full-color creepy vanshot with a new world and characters whose lives have been turned upside down due to the appearance of a young girl. a vampire.

According to Mike Mignola, who posted his work on social media in between numerous projects in which he participated, the collaboration began with a conversation that began when Mignola noticed Rachel’s artwork, in particular a portrait of a young vampire girl. “From there we started discussing the idea of a collaboration between us,” Aranyo said, “and my portrait of a vampire could be the basis for a story. When Mike sent me the sketch, I went crazy with joy.”

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According to the official Dark Horse press release, Leonide The Vampyr: Miracle at the Crow’s Head tells the story of a small coastal village full of people who live a simple and rather quiet life. This will change forever once a shipwreck site containing a small coffin and its even smaller occupant is found. What was initially considered a miracle is quickly becoming a terrifying ordeal for the village and all its inhabitants. Below is a post from Rachel’s Instagram that probably inspired this story:

Regardless of the fate of Leonida and the village in which she found herself, “Leonid’s Vampire: The Miracle at the Crow’s Head” will be released on October 5, 2022. The book will be written by Mike Mignola, drawn by Rachel Aranyo, and colored by the award. Dave Stewart’s win and Clem Robins’ lettering with Aranyo and Stewart’s main cover and Mignola and Stewart’s alternate cover.