Dark Hole, the next suspense drama you should know


A new thriller comes to the world of drama, learn everything about the history of Dark Hole and the cast that will be part of it.

As we enjoy the premiere of new Korean entertainment series, other productions have also started to be planned. Dark Hole is one of them and this K-Drama with a dark aura will catch you with the mystery of each episode, read on and find out what it is about.

The OCN television channel is preparing a new story that you cannot miss. Dark Hole is a science fiction suspense drama that tells the story of Lee Hwa Sun, a police detective who leaves town to try to solve a mysterious phenomenon.

After receiving a call, Lee Hwa Sun heads to the city of Muji and finds an extremely strange case that will put her at risk. A black smoke has started to appear, but the people who inhale it suffer serious consequences and turn into terrifying monsters.

It is then that an adventure for survival will begin, as a group of survivors will coordinate efforts to protect themselves, destroy the monsters and discover the origin of this event.


This K-Drama will transport us to a dangerous but emotional stage across the screen, but the cast for the series will catch us with its performance.

The leading roles will be played by Kim Ok Bin and Lee Joon Hyuk, who will play Hwa Sun and Yoon Tae Han respectively.

Dark Hole was written by Jung Yi Do and will hit the screen during the middle of 2021 through OCN, but the series has already aroused the interest of all those who have enjoyed Yi Do’s stories, one of them is the mysterious drama under the name of Save Me.

If you are looking for something new to see, the October releases in the world of dramas have started on the right foot and will grab your attention with incredible stories.


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