Dark Fire: learn all about Netflix’s new Mexican series


Netflix today announced (21) a series for those who enjoy a sinister and intelligent thriller: the Mexican production Fogo Sinistro, which has its action in a “sordid hotel”.

Written and directed by Bernardo Arellano, the plot has as its protagonist Franco (Tenoch Huerta de Narcos: Mexico) as a former renegade criminal looking for his missing sister. Arriving at a gloomy hotel in search of answers, he finds a scary guest and ends up getting involved with a mysterious waitress.

In addition to Tenoch Huerta, the series stars Erendira Ibarra (from the Sense8 series and the new The Matrix 4) and Dale Carley, Jack, known for the Mexican series Prison No. 1, which talks about the arrest of the Mexican president.

The series is exclusive to Netflix and is now available in streaming. Acceptance has been good by subscribers. Many were surprised by the safe direction and the consistent and realistic plot, which does not give up the drama that is characteristic of Mexican productions.

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