Dark 2 trailer opens the story


Although more than a year has passed since the first announcement of Ark 2, the continuation of the popular survival game has largely been kept secret. The only previous trailer for the long-awaited sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved appeared with the announcement of the game in December 2020, and since then there has been no new information. Now that Studio Wildcard recently confirmed that the second Ark game will appear on Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase, Sunday’s presentation unveiled a brand new trailer for the game.

There is little new information about the sequel Ark: Survival Evolved, except for the information that fans gleaned from its original trailer. The announcement of “Ark 2” revealed that Vin Diesel will play a major role in the upcoming sequel to “Ark”, simultaneously playing the main role in “Ark 2” and acting as its executive producer. Although fans were able to highlight some of the dinosaurs that returned from the original announcement, Studio Wildcard has not yet commented on any changes to the gameplay or mechanics of the sequel. Now Ark 2 has finally received its second initial trailer with the newest look at the game outlining its story.

The newest Ark 2 trailer presents the world of Ark from the point of view of Santiago’s daughter, played by Vin Diesel, Mika, who reflects on the history of the game world. According to Mika’s explanation, the Earth was devastated by the great war, during which the inhabitants of the Earth sent dinosaurs to survive on the distant planet Arat. The trailer also focuses on the connection between Santiago and Micah, suggesting that the father-daughter couple’s relationship may be a major part of the story of Ark 2. Wildcard studio also teases the release window at the end of the trailer, revealing that Ark 2 is scheduled to launch in 2023.

Between the debut trailer and the newest Ark 2 story video, the survival game sequel seems to be paying a lot of attention to its game story and characters. The initial disclosures of the game were heavily immersed in the game’s characters, and Vin Diesel’s Santiago was the center of attention in both trailers. The Ark 2 video announcement also teased some of the game’s more futuristic plot elements with the prominence of the “Genesis System” at the conclusion of the trailer.

While the latest information about Ark 2 pushes the preliminary release date of the game to 2022, Ark: Survival Evolved continues to receive frequent updates even after the announcement of the sequel. The first Ark game has unveiled its newest DLC along with the newest Ark 2 trailer, in which players can explore the diverse biomes of Fiordur Island. Ark: Survival Evolved remains a popular game among fans thanks to the survival game added to the Xbox Game Pass and introduced by PS Plus earlier this year. While Ark 2 may still be a long way in the future, Studio Wildcard continues to give fans new ways to experience the first Ark.

Ark 2 is scheduled for release in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.