Daring photos of Alexandra (Koh Lanta)


Koh Lanta: the season of the four Lands is therefore starting on hats! Alexandra, Angélique, Lola: the fans already have a lot of contenders … This time, one of her is being teased!

Yet viewers are used to the show. They therefore know that the candidates do not have quite the same head in the middle of an adventure as in the street … Despite everything, some have decided to take it out on Alexandra.

Already in the rough at the start of the show due to illness, the Koh Lanta candidate must also endure very heavy mockery… La faulta in a shoot deemed “sexy” by some fans.

But the “problem” is not in the “sexy” side. It is especially in the visible difference between the candidate in full in his adventure and the pretty woman in photo on Insta.

So some decided to laugh at her on Twitter, pointing out that “instead of Alexandra, I would have bought myself a chin before I bought breasts.” Very clever, very spiritual … The poor candidate from Koh Lanta will appreciate.


While an ear infection, sore throat and bronchitis broke her start of her adventure, the candidate also has to endure heavyweight who believe they can give her beauty advice … But she does not let go.

The one who wanted to become “the Wonder Woman of my children”, by facing the Koh Lanta adventure, does not give up. Even his multiple symptoms did not prevent him from continuing to fight …

Within the Eastern team, the candidate therefore continues in pain. The production “estimated that I could stay on the island but he monitored my condition,” she told Télé-Loisirs.

In the end, even sick, Alexandra managed to bring a totem of immunity to her team … Some geniuses of Twitter can be proud, not sure that they face Koh Lanta as well as her!


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