Daredevil’s powers are the real reason why other heroes Don’t want to work with him


Warning! Spoilers for The Variants #1 from Marvel comics below

It may be difficult for other heroes to work with Daredevil, but not necessarily for a bad reason, since his abilities can immediately determine whether he is being lied to. In the new preview of The Variants #1, Jessica Jones meets her former teammate of The Defenders. When she thinks about lying to her friend, Jessica immediately decides not to, admitting that working with a hero who can tell whether she’s telling the truth or not is a “pain in the ass.”

Unfortunately, keeping secrets from other heroes has become a common tactic among comic book heroes. From petty lies, such as hiding a secret identity, to mass lies like Reed Richards and Tony Stark forming the Illuminati without certain heroes knowing about the existence of the group, distortion of the truth is unfortunately commonplace, even between the most trustworthy characters. . However, Daredevil’s powers allow him to immediately recognize lies, which is one of the reasons why other heroes may be so reluctant to work with him.

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In a brand new preview for The Variations #1, Gail Simon, Phil Noto, Betsy Cola and Corey Petit from VC, Daredevil finds Jessica Jones unconscious on the sidewalk and immediately comes to her rescue. The hero realizes that Jessica has not been drinking coffee for several days, as he feels that she has been staring at the coffee shop for two days. Jones thinks about lying to Daredevil, asking if he would believe her if she said it was for an investigation. In her inner monologue, she admits that this is a pain in the ass, that Daredevil’s powers mean she can’t just lie to him.

Daredevil informs that he needs Jessica to attend the hearing on the case of a woman named Mariah, since she has no one else. Before leaving, the hero uses his powers and mentions that Jones should wear something less scary. Naturally, Jones scoffs at the fact that Daredevil hates her outfit, but admits that it can be bad if even a blind person doesn’t like it.

The interaction between Jessica Jones and Daredevil shows why some heroes don’t want to work with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. His abilities allow him to often sense when he is being lied to, which means that those who are trying to steal information from him or send him down the wrong path as part of a mission cannot manipulate him with lies. The inability to lie may not seem so important, but a Daredevil can see through them in the world of heroes who constantly tell each other fictions for personal gain. The Variations #1 from Marvel Comics will go on sale in comic book stores on Monday.