Daredevil’s Nemesis Gets Space Suit in New Cosplay


In Marvel comics, Bullseye is the main villain— a Daredevil who can effectively turn everything he touches into a deadly combat projectile, and now in comic cosplay Bullseye comes to life in such a way that fans get goosebumps!

Eros Patino, posted on Instagram under the username @backstage_cosplay, is a cosplayer specializing in everything related to nerds. Known for his surprisingly creative approach not only to the Marvel villain from “Bullseye”, but also to such DC comics characters as Robin, Batman, Green Lantern and even Mando from the popular Star Wars series “Mandalorian”, Eros is a talented creator who will stop at nothing to make the perfect costume for his favorite characters.

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One of Daredevil’s many iconic enemies, Bullseye is a character who has been synonymous with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen since his appearance in 1976. A skilled assassin who uses his supernatural marksmanship in ways that are mostly supernatural compared to other projectiles. based on villains, any object that the Bullseye touches, from throwing stars to a pencil and even a deck of cards, becomes a weapon of mass slaughter and dismemberment in his more than capable hands.

From the very beginning, Eros demonstrates his very precise black-and-white costume design, perfectly translating Bullseye’s recognizable image from comics into real life. Eros’ toothy roar in a fighting stance with a pair of playing cards ready to be thrown at any moment, combined with his white contact lenses, effectively portrays this extremely evil Nemesis of Daredevil in all his villainous glory. Equipped with an all-white belt and a kind of costume material that seems mesh-like in design, but strong enough to withstand the strongest blows of a Daredevil, Eros conveys not only the appearance of this character, but also his sadistic spirit.

Moreover, this is not the first time Eros has posted images of this insanely creative cosplay Bullseye. There are more photos scattered on his Instagram page where he embodies Bullseye, and some even show him going face to face with another cosplayer dressed in the perfect Daredevil outfit! Tell us about the right cosplay!

Bullseye is a terrifyingly effective villain on a normal day, but with this comedic—accurate cosplay, he’s even better. Eros Patino (@backstage_cosplay) gave fans a version of Bullseye that even a fearless Daredevil will get to the bone from, so don’t forget to watch his other cosplays to see even more botanical perfection!