Daredevil’s Iron Man Armor Turns Matt Murdock Into a High-Tech Demon


While Matt Murdock is the model of a street vigilante, even Daredevil is open to improving his abilities when the opportunity arises, including using weapons and armor from Iron Man. Tony Stark recently created a new outfit for Elektra Nachios in her role as a Woman without Fear, but his contribution pales in comparison with the costumes that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen can boast in the future of Marvel.

Daredevil’s heightened senses endow him with numerous superhuman abilities, including 360-degree knowledge of the world around him and the ability to act as a human lie detector — a great advantage in his career as a New York lawyer. However, Matt is no stranger to using gadgets and armor in the fight against injustice. Almost since he was a hero, Matt’s cane has contained secret features that turned it into his crime-fighting batons, and he also has an armored suit that gives him protection from blades and weapons (even if the dark and harsh design of the suit is rarely remembered with warmth.)

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Nevertheless, Daredevil takes a significant step forward in armor in Declan Shalvi’s version of the cover for Daredevil #13, part of the project dedicated to the Marvel “2099” line. Rising to the level of Iron Man’s own suit, Daredevil’s 2099 armor transforms his batons into sparkling energy weapons, enhances his natural strength and agility with improved armor, and embeds visual sensors into his horns with technological feedback implying the replacement or modernization of his enhanced weapons. feelings. Daredevil is depicted watching the futuristic city-state of Nueva York, home to Spider-Man 2099 Miguel O’Hara and Sonny Frisco, Tony Stark’s successor as Iron Man 2099.

Interestingly, this is not the only Iron Man-style armor that Daredevil received in the future Marvel. In 2004’s Daredevil 2099 (from Robert Kirkman, Carl Molina, and Mike Perkins), Samuel Fisk, grandson of Wilson Fisk, a modern-day crime boss, assumes the mantle of Daredevil. This Daredevil has hidden weapons, launch boots that allow him to quickly reach the roofs, and automatic-pointing pistols that make him a marksman, despite the complete lack of training. Unfortunately, this version of Daredevil is an immoral criminal who uses a touch of heroism to justify his selfish cruelty, creating the possibility that Samuel Fisk’s Daredevil and Declan Shalvi’s version can coexist in 2099 as the last in Daredevil’s long history. villains use his costume to wreak havoc.

Despite the incredibly attractive status quo in the one-off “Daredevil 2099” and Declan Shalvi’s innovative art “Daredevil No. 13”, the legacy of Matt Murdoch’s distant future has been relatively little explored. Let’s hope this changes in the future, as Shalvi’s version of “Man Without Fear” won’t be the first variant of the cover design that eventually inspired the official comics. Iron Man continues to promise to create an armored suit for Daredevil if he ever wants to, and despite the history of enmity between them, it seems that no matter how the legacy of the Man without Fear turns out, some version of Daredevil 2099 will eventually end up with a suit that the Armored Avenger could be proud of.


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