Daredevil: Born Again Star Charlie Cox on appearing in the movie “The Hulk Woman” and what to expect from the Disney series+


The star of “Daredevils: Born Again” Charlie Cox spoke about the adaptation of his Matt Murdoch in the movie “The Hulk Woman: The Juried Lawyer”, about how gloomy the Disney + series can be and what else fans can expect when it comes out in 2024.

Speaking to IGN during D23 Expo 2022, Cox shared his thoughts on whether “Daredevil: Born Again” will follow the release of Frank Miller’s “Born Again” comics. Although he claims he doesn’t know one way or another, he shared that he thinks the title is more of a sign that it’s a new beginning for a character who started his life on Netflix and is now moving to Disney+.

“Great question, I don’t know,” Cox said when we asked him if “Daredevil: Rebirth” would follow Miller. “I don’t think that means we’re going to tell Frank Miller’s story of being reborn in comics. I don’t think it means that. I think it means we’ve done the show, it’s over, and now we’re “I’m doing another show. It’s the perfect name.”

In an interview with Variety, Cox discussed the tone of this new series and gave fans a little idea of how it will differ from Netflix’s “Daredevil.”

“I don’t know if it’s going to be darker or less dark,” Cox said of “Daredevil: Rebirth” compared to the Netflix series. “What does ‘dark’ mean? I’m sure there will be a tonal shift because we’re doing more episodes and we’re on a different platform now. I don’t know, I haven’t read anything yet.”

Cox did reveal that he had changed his portrayal of Matt Murdoch to his appearance in The Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney to match that show’s different tone.

“What was funny about being in the Hulk Woman for this episode was this… obviously, the tone of this show is radically different, and in order for it to be appropriate for me to be on this show, I had to adapt a little. bit my Matt Murdock, so he was in the part of his life where he was having fun,” Cox told Variety. “Where life is good, and he’s a little cheeky and a little flirty, and it’s a little different in tone. It was kind of an experiment, but it was really nice, and I had a really good time, and the chemistry I had with Tatiana was amazing. So if they lighten the tone a little, I’m not afraid of that.”

While this may give us a hint of how Matt Murdoch will act in Daredevil: Born Again, Cox doesn’t believe Matt Murdoch’s complete farce would be the right choice.

“Not for the whole season, not with this character,” Cox told Variety. “I don’t think it’s true enough about the source material for it to really work. But there are a lot of Daredevil comics where there is levity, insouciance, there is fun, and I think with 18 episodes you have time to do both.”

Finally, Cox talked about how the call from Kevin Feige to join the MCU and “Spider-Man: No Home” was really special and how it led to his life in New York never being the same.

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“My life changed after a phone conversation with Mr. Feigi,” Cox told Variety. “There’s only one scene in Spider-Man, and now it seems like there’s another level of appreciation and recognition. Considering it’s one scene, it was shocking. You know, it’s funny because I used to live in New York, I’m in [Daredevil from Netflix], it’s a favorite character. You’re walking down the street and people are like, ‘How are you, Daredevil!’ But now it looks like people know my name.”

During D23, it also became known that “Daredevil: Born Again” will consist of 18 episodes and that its filming will begin in 2023. A showcase of 20th Century studios and a showcase of Disney and Marvel games.

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