Danny Masters: Nothing better than Bitcoin in gloomy economic times


CoinShares President: Nothing better than Bitcoin in gloomy economic times. CoinShares President Danny Masters says that whatever happens in the world, Bitcoin has unmatched power because it can continue working.

CoinShares President Danny Masters said that Bitcoin is the best looking asset in gloomy economic times like today.

Whatever is happening in the world, Masters states that Bitcoin’s ability to continue trading is an unknown and unmatched power of leading cryptocurrencies.

Speaking to Bloomberg, “Bitcoin is the only asset that can work remotely. Nobody needs to go to work for Bitcoin to work. Nobody needs to fill the ATM machine. Although things seem dismal for everything, I can’t think of a better asset than Bitcoin to buy. ” said.

Bitcoin is moving upwards today. Leading cryptocurrency saw $ 6750, with exits in global markets. Crypto money is bought and sold at $ 6730 in the minutes when the news goes live.


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