Danny Kanal commented on the expansion of the College Football playoffs in four words


Friday’s news about the expansion of the College Football playoffs caused a mixed reaction from the sports world. But for the most part, fans and analysts seem happy with the transition.

In fact, college football analyst Danny Kanell thinks this decision is long overdue.

“Damn time. #playoffexpansion,” he tweeted.

During a meeting of the Board of Managers on Friday, CFP presidents voted unanimously to implement a 12-team postseason model. The new format is expected to come into force in 2026, but may debut as early as 2024 or 2025.

This long-awaited news about the expansion has been discussed for quite some time. The CFP committee seemed to make significant progress in negotiations last year before eventually failing to agree on a new format.

It is reported that the new model of 12 teams will include six conference champions with the highest rating and six applications for participation in major tournaments.

How do you feel about CFP expansion?


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