Danna Paola went with Yatra? Incredible confession of the singer


The singer made a controversial statement.

The separation of Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel did not cause surprise, since the rumors of estrangement between the singers were stronger every day. It is that the quarantine in force in various countries of the world forced them to move away, each one confined to her home. She, for her part, is in Colombia, while the Violent ex-actress spends her days in Argentina with her family. In today’s nap hours, Martina was in charge of confirming the end of the relationship. And in the middle of the separation, a controversial video of the singer Danna Paola went viral .

Among all the rumors surrounding the couple, the Mexican actress and singer was singled out by fans of both artists as the third in contention. Although she never took the time to clarify or defend herself against those accusations, she once and very briefly argued that what united her to the Colombian was only friendship, something that fans of the Argentine actress never believed.

Now, in the middle of the separation of the interpreter of Foul Love and the composer of Suéltate el Pelo, the name of the star of the Spanish series Elite returns to the scene after the viralization of a controversial video. In the images that cover Twitter, the Mexican woman is seen sitting in front of a camera, alluding to one of her latest themes, known as Bad Fame. A part of her famous song reads: “That if I went with Maluma, no”, and that is where the actress decided to change the lyrics and added: “With Yatra yes”.


Once the sad news of the separation of Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel was released, Twitter users began to remember this video that features Danna Paola , who was also retweeted by the Colombian while he was in a relationship with the Argentine. Although it is an old-time material, some took this statement as a premonition, as the confirmation of a new conquest of the coffee grower.

So far, none of the three involved came out to show their face regarding these images. Meanwhile, in the little bird network, users put together and take apart endless theories about the end of the relationship. Days ago, both Yatra and Danna released new songs: the Mexican announced the arrival of her new production Contigo, while Tini’s ex released Locura, a song that spoke precisely of a separation in their own right.



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