Danna Paola surprises with an exclusive video of ‘Mía’


Danna Paola surprises with an exclusive video of ‘Mía’. You can’t miss the new video for ‘Mía’ that Danna Paola launched on her official Facebook page. Danna Paola presented a renewed, mature, and empowered version of herself through her new single, ‘Mía‘, which has been a huge hit on music platforms!

The Mexican artist sings to self-love through verses that contain a lot of girl power.

“Listen well, this was the last time That I endured an immaturity That today you see everything you had And for an idiot you lost it,” says part of ‘Mia’.

For Danna Paola, the release of this single was a total liberation from people, insecurities and bad experiences.

“I got rid of many things, people and insecurities, and above all, I started to experiment a lot with myself. I wrote many songs in a personal and professional, compositional, artistic block, and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t compose, ”says the singer about her song.

How did ‘Mía’ come about? Danna said that she “rose from the ashes” and that the lyrics of her new song were a way of opening a door full of new possibilities, leaving behind everything that tormented her.

“He had composed so many songs that he no longer knew what to talk about. And in one night that was written, the experience of rising from the ashes was incredible and it was literally opening the door to a new era, both in my music and in myself ”

Danna surprises with an exclusive video for ‘Mia’!

The singer and actress surprised her fans with an exclusive video of ‘Mía’, which you can enjoy through her official Facebook page. Amid colorful costumes and fascinating choreography, Danna Paola sings as she skates through some neon-lit corridors. In addition, the 26-year-old artist imposed a super cool and youthful look that will become your favorites.

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