Danna Paola (Elite): her dog posed in front of Netflix!


On her Instagram account, Danna Paola from the Elite series has just shared a hilarious shot of her dog lying in her bed in front of Netflix

If movie or music stars are known for their prowess in movies or on stage, they sometimes get stolen from the limelight. Indeed, most people have animals. Well these are often posted on the social networks of their masters. Proof of this is with Danna Paola’s dog from the Elite series.

Because yes, the one who plays Lou in the Spanish series of Netflix, is a great lover of animals. She proves it every day by revealing photos and videos of her hairball. This one, following her everywhere in her activities.

Being advised to stay at home in these times of Covid-19, Danna Paola takes the advice literally and has a good time with someone who shouldn’t annoy her too much.

Because the hardest part of having to stay holed up at home is to be with people we can’t stand. However, by choosing your animal, we take almost no risk. Although we still have to comply with his whims.

But Danna Paola’s dog doesn’t seem to really take the lead, on the contrary.


As you can see above, the pooch seems to be living his best life. While he probably didn’t choose to stay in front of the TV, he seems to enjoy the situation instead. Otherwise, the young actress would not have been able to immortalize this funny moment.

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It remains to be seen in front of which series was Danna Paola’s dog. To honor his “mother,” we hope he at least chose Elite, so that he can follow the adventures of the one who takes care of him every day.

In front of this series or another, there is no doubt that all the moments spent with his mistress remain privileged moments for him. Now it remains to be seen in what hilarious position Danna Paola will take a picture of her furball.


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