Danna Paola drugged and harassed while filming the series


The actress of the Elite series, Danna Paola had a terrible experience during the first season of the show! We tell you more.

Elite actress Danna Paola talks about her ordeal while filming the series’ first season.

Danna Paola stars as Lu in the popular teenage series airing on Netflix. Of Mexican origin, the young actress has gone on to star roles in television and cinema.

But it wasn’t until 2018 that she saw her career take off. Notably thanks to his role in the Elite series.

The series is also a huge success with subscribers of the streaming platform. So much so that now the streaming giant is even planning a 4th season.

A real treat for the fans who discovered the unseen episodes of season 3 last March. The new season should therefore arrive in the year 2021.

But we must admit that the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic does not make things easier. Indeed, the shooting of season 4 of Elite had to be interrupted.

Indeed, a case of Covid-19 had been detected on the filming set of the series. So we imagine that the series will be a little late this year. Without surprise.

Despite the success of the series, it is important to know that all is not rosy. Indeed, the young actress Danna Paola remembers the very complicated filming of the very first season.

Guest on Yordi Rosado’s YouTube channel, the young woman said she was the victim of attempted rape and harassment in Madrid. Here is his story.


The young actress from the Elite series therefore reconsidered her traumatic experience during the filming of season 1. “I experienced terrible things while filming the first season in Madrid,” she confides.

“It was the first time that I was able to go out and stay up until 4 am. »Explains the young woman before confessing that 3 men tried to drug and abuse her.

“I went to dinner with a friend from Mexico and the next day I had the show set at 8 o’clock. “Says the actress. She explains that there was a group of young Latinos at the table next door who they ended up sympathizing with.

“My friend suddenly got up to go to the bathroom. »Says Danna Paola. The young woman therefore left her glass unattended for a moment. A man then approached her to ask if it was hers.

“I started to feel bad and a little muddy. »Specifies the young woman. The men then offered to help. It was then that she realized that something was wrong.

The young woman then went to the bathroom to regain her senses. Her attackers then allegedly followed her and tried to take advantage of the situation.

The drugs were so strong that the Elite actress couldn’t remember the rest of the night. The young woman remembers taking an Uber to go home. She will end the evening in the hospital.