Danna Paola delights the fans with a great photo


The young singer, Danna Paola, appeared in a new photo in which she looks well tanned and quite pretty, with which she delights the fans’ eyes

The famous Mexican singer and actress, Danna Paola, has been in the eye of the hurricane for several weeks since it is said that she has something to do with Sebastián Yatra, however, this time she was noticed thanks to a great photograph in which She looks very tanned and managed to delight the eyes of her fans.

In this photograph Danna Paola looks quite pretty, you can see that she is a little tanned, so it is most likely that she has been enjoying tanning under the sun on a beach or pool, but so far we have not been able to see photographs of this style so we can only enjoy this just uploaded.

In the image we can see that she wears beautiful nails that have emoji decoration or as some know the yellow faces, a detail that attracted attention because they look quite beautiful and creative since the girl is very good to wear this type of looks juveniles.

The young woman has been working on her music despite the world situation, because one of the favorite things of the Mexican is to produce songs, since despite the fact that she started as a small actress in Mexican soap operas, she became one of the representatives of pop music from that same country and the show industry.

Recently we were able to observe a photograph that impressed the world of the internet, because in it we can observe Danna Paola with James Mcavoy, an excellent actor who played the protagonist of Split, a film that revolves around a young man who has more than 20 personalities or, according to multiple personality psychology, a topic that is little known and that has been studied for several years, although it has not yet been fully approved by science.

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In the photo we can see them together since the young woman visited the filming set of the last film in the saga which was called Glass, where the outcome of the story of this incredible character is found, which was personified in an excellent way by the great American actor.

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But all that I know is I need you close

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A few days ago a clip in which Danna Paola appears singing a song by Tini Stoessel also went viral, something that caused controversy thanks to the fact that that singer and actress is the ex-girlfriend of Sebastián Yatra, with whom she has been implicated with a supposed romance, although it is worth mentioning that Danna Paola assures that she does not have any kind of relationship other than professional and friends.

She was also recently mentioned in a program today by the production, thanks to the fact that one of her ex-boyfriends was on set, who was asked who was the ex-girlfriend who had the best kisses, so they all decided to throw Danna’s name and he could only resist telling it.

This is Eleazar Gómez, soap opera actor, participated in La Mexicana y el Güero, who was invited to the morning and at the time of playing against gali in a mini basketball session called “Where was the ball?”, He was cornered to reveal which of his ex-girlfriends kisses the best.


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