DanMachi: Who are the xenos?


Below are spoilers for the third season of DanMachi, available on HiDIVE.

At the end of “The Ghost in the Armor of Innocence”, the major summarizes the totality of events in parables: “We are saddened by the bird’s cry, but not by the fish’s blood. Blessed are those who have voices.” In the third season of “Is it Wrong to try to pick up girls in the dungeon”, the appearance of a reasonable kind of monsters turned the whole show upside down, and the consequences are still being felt in the fourth season, which is now being broadcast. At the beginning of season 3, Belle Cranel finds a young Vuivra, a humanoid dragon creature who speaks, and soon befriends her, naming her Vin. Soon after, it was discovered that a whole subset of monsters were capable of speech and higher intelligence and that they had existed for a long time, known as xenos.

But how exactly did the xenos appear and why is their existence kept so secret? Besides, what do they have in life? Revenge on the adventurers who killed them indiscriminately from other monsters? Or maybe something else?

A new beginning

Xenos are actually monsters that have reincarnated after being killed by adventurers in previous lives, possessing memories of when they were killed. Just like adventurers, they too fight less intelligent monsters that attack Xenos like everyone else, as if they are hunting for the price of intelligence.

By killing ordinary monsters, the xenos become stronger by consuming gems that fall from the monsters. They don’t need the monetary benefit that gems give adventurers, they prefer to level up more directly. It is for this reason that xenos can be much stronger than ordinary animals living in the depths.

Not all xenos are able to speak, but they all tend to unite, forming a close-knit community hiding in the dungeon. Born in a dungeon, xenos view it as a maternal entity, and from time to time hide as a blessing. However, even with these shelters, they are eager to leave.

The Xenos Mission

As soon as Bell and Hestia’s Family find out about the existence of Xenos and spend some time with them, their dream will be revealed to them: to live on the surface without fear of persecution. Obviously, given the fear of monsters and the secrecy of the existence of Xenos, such a dream is difficult to foresee.

However, they are not without support on the surface, since Uranos, the god at the head of the guild, and his faithful companion, the magician Fels, knew of their existence. At first, the prospect of the guild head helping the xenos seems ridiculous, since the guild sends adventurers to hunt monsters.

However, it becomes clear that Uranos is doing everything possible to support and protect the xenos from attack. Hestia’s Family’s intervention in affairs is seen as a blessing that, hopefully, can make the Xenos dream come true. But not without difficulties.

Season 3 Conflict

The existence of Xenos may be a secret, but that hasn’t stopped those who know of their existence from exploiting them, capturing them, and using magic to bend them to their will. Such intentions manifest themselves in the second half of the third season, when the Ikelos family tried to kidnap several of them. In the ensuing chaos that erupted to the surface, Bell almost tarnished his reputation by defending brainless, rampaging Guilt.

Even successfully helping the xenos escape back to the dungeon, Bell only saved his reputation by fighting another xenos, the Minotaur Asterius, the reincarnation of the Minotaur Bell, who was killed in the first season. After all, the Xenos were safe, but no closer. to achieve your dreams.

Not all xenos are interested in the surface, as Asterius only cares about fighting Bell, but despite this, the plight of the xenos continues to be one of the most attractive aspects of this series. Uranos and Fels believe in Bell, hoping that by continuing to overcome bigger and bigger obstacles, he will also be able to push the city of Orario to accept the xenos on the surface.


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