Danila Kozlovsky is proud of the movie “Chernobyl Abyss”!


The actors of Vikings are talked about a lot. Besides, Danila Kozlovsky has a project in mind. He then directed “Chernobyl Abyss”.

The Vikings series revealed great talents. Actually, actor Danila Kozlovsky is very proud to direct her film “Chernobyl Abyss”.

Since the beginning of Vikings, the series has been very successful. Renewed for 6 seasons, it then made the happiness of its viewers. Eh yes !

So when the end draws near, then for the fans it is the drama. It must be said that they had been following their favorite characters for quite a few years. But don’t panic, the fans aren’t going to be abandoned.

And for good reason, they will be able to discover a spin-off. Vikings Valhalla will therefore come and surprise everyone. The scenery and the spirit of Vikings will therefore be back. Something to delight adventure fans then.

But what makes Vikings the most addicting are the characters. Indeed, they are more endearing than the others. In addition, they are really very talented.

The cast of the series therefore seems really tailor-made. No one has missed these many talents. Not surprising !

Besides, Danila Kozlovsky surprises everyone. He then directed the film “Chernobyl Abyss”. With a screenplay written by Aleksey Kazakov and a big budget, viewers should love it.

Danila Kozlovsky (Vikings) proud to direct the movie “Chernobyl Abyss”!


The Vikings actor never really thought about making a Chernobyl movie. But the subject came to him. Indeed, he explains then: “When the synopsis came to me, I read a very strong scene and I immediately saw how I could tell this story. ”

So he adds: “A single scene influenced my decision. And that didn’t let me go anymore. With every book I read and every movie I watched, I wanted to make this movie more and more. It has already become my artistic dream. ”

With so much motivation, the Vikings star should therefore do something magical. In fact, “Chernobyl” was named the first Russian feature film to depict the fallout from the explosion.

Directed by Danila Kozlovsky, the story follows Alexey, a firefighter at the power station. He must then team up with an engineer and military diver on a dangerous mission.

Originally, the release is scheduled for 2020. “Chernobyl” will then hit Russian theaters in April. It should also land on the European market. In addition, the budget already stands at $ 10 million. This sum is really considerable for a Russian feature film. Not bad !

This project was therefore born thanks to the famous actor of Vikings. And for good reason, he was only a few months old when this disaster struck. So, he grew up with this myth in mind.

He explains, “I hope we have succeeded in creating a film that will deeply touch the emotions of the audience. And at the end of the day, that’s what cinema is for. ” To be continued.


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