Daniels Is Reportedly Going to Direct Part of “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.”


The Daniels directing duo (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) will reportedly direct part of the upcoming Disney+ series “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources close to the production of Skeleton Crew have confirmed that Daniels is involved in the upcoming Star Wars series, although it is currently unclear whether the duo will shoot only one episode or several. Although the filming of the series has already been completed, the list of participating directors has not yet been announced.

Skeleton Crew is a Disney+ show set in the Star Wars universe starring Jude Law and was created by the director of the Spider—Man trilogy, John Watts. Reportedly, the focus will be on a group of children who find their way home after getting lost in the galaxy. The series, set in the era of the New Republic, is executive produced by The Mandalorian series by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.

Most recently, Daniels walked away with the evening’s top honors at the 2023 Academy Awards, winning the Oscar for Best Film, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay—all for “Everything Everywhere and at Once.”

“Everything everywhere and at once” was also named the best film of last year by NME. Speaking to NME’s Lou Thomas, Daniel Scheinert said of the film: “At its core, it’s about being depressed and struggling to communicate and communicate. We’ve all just been through this pandemic, because of which we were all very depressed, it was very difficult for us to communicate and communicate. We were just so lucky that we made a piece of art that people were in the mood for.”


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