Danielle From NewJeans Has Been Criticized For Using The Phrase “Chinese New Year” and Apologizes


On June 21, an article titled “Danielle’s New Jeans, Chinese New Year” was published in various online communities such as FM Korea, Nate Pann and theqoo.

The article contained messages that Danielle sent to her fans via the exclusive ADOR communication app for NewJeans, Phoning, on January 19. Daniel said, “What are you bunnies doing for Chinese New Year?”

Only Korean Internet users did not appreciate that she used the expression “Chinese New Year”.

Many noted that it should be called “Lunar New Year” because this day is celebrated in many Asian countries, such as Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines, and not only in China.

In particular, Danielle’s facial expression seems unusual, since she is not a Chinese citizen, but has dual citizenship (Korea and Australia).

Moreover, this is a very sensitive issue for South Korea, especially since China is trying to appropriate Korean cultural values, such as kimchi or hanbok.

In response to the criticism, Danielle left a message on the band’s official Instagram account, in which she apologized for her choice of words.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Hello, this is Daniel from NewJeans Daniel. On January 19, I sent a message by phone: “What are you bunnies doing for Chinese New Year? I realized that I had made a mistake and immediately deleted it, however, many people had already received the message, which made it irreversible.

Lunar New Year is a national holiday in many countries and regions, including in our country, so my expression was inappropriate, and I deeply regret it. I also apologize to all the Rabbits who were hurt or disappointed because of this.

I will not forget this and will try to be more careful and thoughtful in the future.

I’m sorry again. »

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