Daniella Chavez shouts: “I gave it to more than one and it broke …”


The other day a friend of mine told me that “now anyone can sing. Talent is the least. The important thing is the message, the marketing behind it. ” He was not right. Although I do not see myself singing or having thousands of visits on YouTube for a song of mine it gives the feeling that anyone today can make a song that “sticks”. A bombshell Daniella Chavez, that we do not subtract talent, has been the last. And he sings and shouts to the four winds “I gave it to more than one and it broke …” His heart is broken.

The Play Boy model brought out this theme at the end of last year and already has more than half a million views on YouTube, and 250,000 views on Spotify. Not bad for her first single, given that she is not a singer, or at least it was not her intention years ago.

She always wanted to be a model and for that dream she has struggled and has been working for years. But perhaps by necessity, or by pure passion, he has launched himself into the world of music with this song that has been well received by the public and part of the critics.

“I liked it, sings well and it’s an easy song to remember.” Another commented that “he wants to be this year’s Lele Pons, but he is far from being her. You can’t imitate what you can’t be. ”

Daniella Chavez says he wants to continue creating music. This is just the beginning. He wants to open up to his audience and give concerts where he can sing that “I gave it to more than one and broke it …”. He wants to open his heart and share with his fans all his secrets. It’s time to open to her.


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