Daniella Chavez shares IG TV:Cover yourself!


Daniella Chavez teaches more: Cover yourself! And it does not!It is always noted.

Daniella Chavez has found in her majestic figure the leap to fame. The personal care she performs is thorough and it has become clear that she does not pay attention to the suggestions of covering a little more. The outfit to go out this time was totally striking, as if it was necessary to impress with something else. The size issue seems intentional, since it chose a smaller measure so that its attributes are the ones that catch the eyes.

Let’s say the comments of the publication were raised in tone, some more than others. Although you have to keep the power you have to add fans.


Daniella has always been very sure of her physical virtues. Her jump to stardom was peculiar, since, being dissatisfied with the treatment received in a beauty pageant, she made a drastic decision. It was the contest of Reina de Viña del Mar, where she stayed with third place, but it was not what she expected. In the form of revenge and for the world to see the injustice in the qualification of the judges, she decided to take photos without clothes in the light. A scandal that favored her image in the long run.


Daniella Chavez meets her audience
In order to keep the attention of her followers on social networks, Chavez reveals that she studies her audience to know what they are looking for. «In short, I dedicate a lot of time to Instagram, between 3 and 5 hours a day. I try to think well about the things I am going to do in my profile. Everything is very planned ».

Finally, Daniella Chavez revealed what kind of people follow her: «my audience is made up of 80% men between 21 and 40 years old». Even what seems fortune has a job behind. In Argentina it may cost the public more, since her criticisms of Lionel Messi have been ruthless. Model, influencer and sports critic, we hope that it does not stop to amaze.


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