Daniella Chavez revealed her favorite ice cream flavor with tremendous…


She challenged censorship! Daniella Chavez revealed her favorite ice cream flavor with tremendous… Look at the picture! Daniella is promoting her new collection of underwear.

Daniella Chavez confessed days ago that she needed days of sun and sand while taking the opportunity to wear a pink bikini from her new collection.

Apparently, the Chilean model is still looking forward to a little while at the beach since it stunned her more than 12 million followers when she posted a photo with a top so small that it only covered the essentials.


In the postcard Daniella wears a top that bends in the middle to give a unique look at her torso, while her marked abdomen was exposed and her skirt showed her worked legs.

Chavez wrote: “AD… Sunday of Cheat meal. Favorite ice cream flavor? Me, chocolate and you? ”, Revealing that the set was part of her new project while holding a palette in her right hand.


The photo has already exceeded 100 thousand likes and in the comments Internet users not only shared their favorite flavor but also some compliments for the former playboy girl encouraging her to visit the sea and show off her summer body.

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