Daniella Chavez looks gorgeous while she is performing on “Bailando por un sueño”


She is not convinced of the notes: Daniella Chavez admits to thinking about leaving “Bailando por un sueño”. Daniella Chavez looks gorgeous while she is performing on “Bailando por un sueño”.

Although Daniella Chavez has focused all her efforts on achieving a good task in “Bailando por un sueño” , the results she has obtained have not left her convinced. She has even thought about leaving the program.

In conversation with LUN , the Chilean instagramer admitted that it was in her debut when she began to be discouraged by the score obtained.

“I danced salsa on Sunday (chapter 1 of March) and I was left with a can feeling for the low score because one tries to do my best there on the track,” she began by pointing.

“Then on Monday I saw the program in my house and I realized that the jury put better marks to some participants, since their presentation had not been so good. It made me sad and I wondered if the sacrifice, the bruises, leaving so many things aside, were worth it, ”she added.


On that occasion she sent a message to Pablo Cabezas, executive producer of the television space. “I told her that I was a little tired, unmotivated by the subject of the notes, that I was thinking not to follow and that the next day I would not go to rehearse,” she said.

Chávez added that for the show she took dance classes before starting rehearsals, and even anticipated the return of her vacation so as not to miss the practices.

“Of course, you say if it is so worth it so that after a dance that does not have big mistakes, yes details to polish because obviously I am not a dancer, the jury puts you 3” , she emphasized.

However, this weekend the Chilean model experienced a new disappointment. As she acknowledged, on Saturday she called the producers again to inform them that she would not continue in the program, due to 12% in the popular vote that finally saved Maura and her dancer.

In this regard, Cabezas explained to the aforementioned media that in the case of Chavez, she explained that she understood her frustration since “she has been very dull, but of course, she feels that way and I told her that six participants had just danced and that she was reluctant That she understood her, but that she waited for everyone to dance, to wait for the secret vote. ”

It should be noted that Chávez finally appeared in the chapter of this Monday, March 9, “Bailando por un sueño”.



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