Daniella Chavez “dresses” with a handkerchief that flies with the wind


Just a little trap! Daniella Chavez “dresses” with a handkerchief that flies with the wind. The Chilean shares video without mercy.

Daniella Chavez knows that no matter what its duration, the content in networks can generate a heart attack and thus, with a small black scarf, covering its two superior attributes with lies, the social network that burst with likes and comments collapsed.


Sometimes a single moment is enough to put everyone upside down and the stunning Chilean model did it. With more than 12 million followers on her official Instagram account she unleashed the madness among her fans by publishing a very short video clip that defies censorship.

Although in the video Daniella looks very sure of herself, it shows that a single window could leave her as Eva in paradise.

This little clip of the beautiful Latin blonde does not stop receiving reproductions and it is not for less because it can really be seen in all its splendor.


The fascinating figure of Daniella Ch├ívez is on everyone’s lips and with this video she is getting many more to join her pack of virtual lovers.

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