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Daniella Chavez Change The Focus And Caused A Sensation


Daniella Chavez improvised a tutorial to comb her hair. The blonde’s change the focus and caused a sensation.

It is evident how Daniella Chavez has the recipe to generate a stir with each video that goes up to her Instagram account. On this occasion, with the excuse of a tutorial to comb her hair, she shared a sequence that shows her taking care of her hair with her hands, but her firm attributes (which are at the bottom of the painting at all times) steal all eyes.

It is clear that if the leafy model had merely aimed to show how to comb, the camera would have captured the action much more closely because, for sure, who really had been interested in it would have it quite difficult when emulating it for the lack of details.


But the dissimulation of the Chilean blonde was quite good, if we consider that the video garnered more than a million views in a short time, in addition to thousands of comments, which is not so strange if we consider the more than 12 million users who They follow her on the social network.

The Playboy bunny bets on the classic when it comes to increasing its popularity. Aware of its potential, it is usually shown in tight dresses that are not characterized by hiding a lot of skin; or directly does it with played swimsuits. She also takes advantage of occasions to give fitness advice.


The last thing that had been known about this curvy promoter was her apparent break with her partner, with whom she had been in a relationship for 14 years, a daughter and they were engaged. Specifically I had expressed “I walk single, and the girl learned, life taught me!”, But more than one doubts the truth of the fact, since they consider that it is another trick of Daniella to get to talk about it.

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